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Shhhh- Listen....

	The Song remains the same----

Yesterday, I truly felt timelessness.

It was more so of the limbs than of the body itself.
With my tiny fingers dug deep into my palms,
and my feet buried under the moist earth,
I slipped into the only world that has yet to disappoint me.
I slipped into the world that I knew with you.

With unwashed hair and blessed grace,
you fell over me like a blanket of night. 
Your eyes were not only vessels of visual sight, 
but mirrors to a soul that was as infinite 
as the celestial skies.

Once again, I fell into step with you, 
into breath with you, 
afraid to stand or breathe on my own-

You slipped into my heart 
with a love that was like 
a surgical glove around my heart- 
strong and firm---
your piano player fingers 
tracing tiny designs into the air-
The Etch-A-Sketch of the heavens-
-------the night as only you would see it.

I felt you yesterday---
I felt you inside of me again. 
I bit down on my lip as your 
memory entered my mind, 
just as I would bite down on my lip 
when you entered my body. 
There were orgasms of the mind, 
just as there was of the body. 

I felt myself go dry, 
and knew that once again you 
had drank away the last of my juices.

(I am a shell with out you, 
a shell that can blow away with 
the slightest of breeze.) 

Come back, please, and fill me up again. 


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